Don’t call it a comeback…

Yes, LL Cool J popped in my head as I started to write this blog post.

I know I made a  public resolution last year that I’d write a post every month. 

And then I intentionally decided to be more mindful about what I shared, and how much time I spent on social media. Yes, this is coming from someone who published a book on how to build communities via Twitter ( not-so-shameless plug here)

It’s not that 2020 lacked inspiration — here are things I could have blogged about:  

  • An ode to my office chair
  • Managing the Impossible: Working remotely with a toddler 
  • I may never wax my eyebrows again and other areas of beauty I’ve neglected.
  • Prepare your mind for being a mom or how I dealt with postpartum anxiety. 
  • Why upgrading to a new integrated library system remotely isn’t for the faint of heart.
  • The silver lining of this dreaded pandemic: witnessing Evan’s 1st milestones 
  • Why diversity, equity and inclusion aren’t buzz words 
  • My gratitude to the creator of Santiago of the Seas. 
  • My growing appreciation for podcasts 
  • Discovering the rabbit hole known as Tik Tok. Special shout to #CleanTikTok
  • Having no shame that I will subscribe to Discovery+ for more 90 Day Fiance nonsense 
  • The current state of politics and how I recommend everyone subscribe to this history professor’s newsletter

And to end, I’ll leave you of this memory from Facebook today.

It’s from my first visit to Guatemala — and I really hope we can travel again soon:


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