Don’t call it a comeback…

Yes, LL Cool J popped in my head as I started to write this blog post. I know I made a  public resolution last year that I’d write a post every month.  And then I intentionally decided to be more mindful about what I shared, and how much time I spent on social media. Yes,… Continue reading Don’t call it a comeback…

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Resurrection in the name of World Cup Eye Candy

I haven't posted on my website since April 2015, but it's time to bring it back to life! And, I have to say -- I am very pleased that this is the post that will mark my return! In 2014, I posted this: https://tinamarievella.com/2014/06/13/my-world-cup-eye-candy/ Much to my dismay, Italy and Ecuador are not playing in the… Continue reading Resurrection in the name of World Cup Eye Candy