My World Cup Eye Candy….

This is a completely gratuitous blog post.

I admit it.

This stems from my admission that I selected my World Cup bracket based on the attractiveness of the men of certain countries.

But, I didn’t actually look at the players themselves (shame on me!)

So, after several posts to my Facebook page about the hottest World Cup players, I decided to make my own selection. I’ll keep it brief.

And let’s just get it out of the way… because everyone thinks he’s pretty hot (he’s a little too pretty for me)

…Cristiano Ronaldo…


Now… for your viewing pleasure…. my top 10 (I attempted to do a top 5, but there was too much hotness going on…)

These are in no particular order, btw!

1. Salvatore Sirigu — ITALY


2. Camilo Vargas — COLOMBIA


3. Christian Noboa — ECUADOR


4. Miguel Veloso – PORTUGAL


5. Olivier Giroud – FRANCE

Giroud 1 120801MAFC

6. Ezquiel Lavezzi – ARGENTINA


7. Rafael Marquez – MEXICO


8.  Antonio Valencia – ECUADOR


9. Gerald Pique – SPAIN


10. Mathew Leckie – AUSTRALIA


p.s. I linked to the original images, thanks Google image search 🙂


Yo me voy a enseñar a leer (y posiblemente hablar) español :)

Yes — I used Google translate for this blog post title. I am going to teach myself how to read (and possibly speak) Spanish. I signed up to use Mango Languages through the New York Public Library (Brooklyn Public Library also has this resource too… check your local public library, yay for language learning!) I will probably need to take a class though — I’ll need some guidance. But, it’s going to happen. And here’s why…

It started when I began reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez again– I always thought “wow, this novel would more intense to read in Spanish.”

Then, by chance or fate? — I was at the library searching for Ethan Hawke’s novels (I didn’t end up picking those up, btw) — and I saw a book misplaced on the shelf. I read the spine — “Insatiable Spiderman” — this could be interesting. Well, here it is a few weeks later — and I am obsessed with this filthy little book, and more importantly, this author – Pedro Juan Gutierrez.

Since then, I have ordered Dirty Havana Trilogy and Tropical Animal (how can you not love those titles!) I have one more book on the way — Our GG in Havana. These are the only titles that have been translated into English. In order to read his other stuff, I need to learn how to read in Spanish, and I am determined to do so.

Click on the book covers below… it will take you to Better World Books to order them if your heart desires 😉

Lucky Streak and how I’d spend millions

I’ve been on a lucky streak… I won $97 dollars in Atlantic City on a Deal or No Deal penny slot machine. If you saw the reaction from my sister — when I pick a case with a low number, and she nearly knocked me off my little stool, you would have thought it was $97 MILLION dollars.

Then, we (my sister, my best ladies basically) went to see Jo Koy, and I laughed like I’ve never laughed before. Seriously my stomach muscles were sore. Then, we all had the chance to meet him, Don’t we make a cute couple?

Meeting Jo Koy

So… yes, back to the lucky streak, won nearly $100 on Friday, and then I won a pair of tickets for Scott Pilgrim vs the World advance screening on Twitter from Midtown Comics on Tuesday. I never win things on Twitter… I’m always retweeting (RT’ing) random things, and it actually paid off.

I’m thinking of playing Mega Millions (hey, you never know!) … and I am fantasizing about what I’d do if I won the jackpot of $53 million, which half would go to taxes… so we are looking at roughly $25 million. I know I’d definitely make myself debt-free. No more student loans, and I’d buy a house, no more rent! But, that’s practical stuff, besides the obligatory hooking up my immediate family and Louie and taking my best friends on a fun vacation.

You always think about the possibilities though… and what frivolous stuff would you buy? I’d probably go on clothing/shoes shopping spree. Despite the Mets always letting me down, I’d definitely buy season tickets. I’d buy the coveted iPad and my Droid X. I’d take a world-wide trip to all the places/countries — first stop is definitely Malta. Maybe, my next post will be all the places I want to visit in my lifetime and why. 🙂

Wayback Machine: 80s theme songs

I’ve been on You Tube for the past thirty minutes, having way too much fun looking up some of my favorite 80s shows. I figured caring is sharing, and I posted a few for your viewing pleasure, I’ll probably add more commentary later, haha

Small Wonder


Zoobilee Zoo

Gummi Bears

Muppet Babies

I have a feeling I may be do this more often!

What a great laugh! 😉