Bucket List Checkpoint!

It is already May 3rd. The first four months of 2013 went by entirely too fast!

I figured I’d do an update on my bucket list: https://mstinamarie.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/first-annual-bucket-list/

I completed one of my items… I have tried six new whiskeys, totally low balled on that! I’m just getting started.

Here’s a pic of three of them on Instagram.  — my favorite: Four Roses. It truly felt like it hugged my heart!

Ahead with my whiskey, but behind on the museums, I only went to two museums (EMP Museum and Museum of the American Gangster) — if I wrote a blog about them, it would have been titled Gangsters and Grunge.

Thanks to my weekly detox baths and streaming music from Pandora Radio, I discovered A Fine Frenzy. Another musical gem I discovered via a friend: Chelsea Wolfe. Definitely different styles, but both hauntingly beautiful in a way.

And, before May 19th (thanks Living Social) —

I will ride a mechanical bull at Johnny Utah’s. Coincidentally right before my birthday on May 20th… hopefully, I don’t hurt myself before my 32nd (eek!) birthday.

Stay tuned!



Getting into Library Politics aka Why I’m running for a ALA NMRT Board Position.

I’m running for the Leadership Development Director position of the American Library Association’s New Members Roundtable (ALA NMRT) Executive Board.

I am going to use this post to tell you why… you may have already seen my candidate video here.

Also, the Asian Pacific American Library Association (APALA) did a member highlight on me this month, and I must say it pretty much sums me up, check it out here

So, why I am running for this position, and more importantly, why you should vote for me, and why I am stepping into the world of library politics: I want to get stuff done.

I want to get involved in NMRT to implement new ideas for leadership development. I want to help foster new vendor and library partnerships for awards and scholarships. I want to make sure that NMRT is doing all it can to create programming ideas that will nurture new and emerging leaders in the profession alike.

I’ll end with this quote by Shirley Chisholm.

You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wanna ask anything else before casting your vote?

Find me on Twitter: @ms_tinamarie

Empowerment through Libraries

In the summer of 2011, I decided to reach out to activist poets about their thoughts on community involvement in libraries. I pitched the idea around and nothing came of it. But, in the 21st century, everyone has a blog and voice, so here it goes… I couldn’t just let it die. If only my readers get the opportunity to read it… that means something to me. So, here’s the short piece that never made it to the “mainstream” audience that I originally intended. (Parade and USA Weekend, I’m looking at you.)

Many of us would love to be more involved in doing something positive for ourselves, and ultimately, our communities. Where’s the perfect place to start? Go and visit your local library. The library provides resources that are freely available, and the opportunity to give back and make a difference. And it may literally be just around the corner from your home.

A rewarding way to help empower individuals would be to create a program via the library. Kenji Liu (poet/designer) helped Oakland Public Libraries (CA) receive grant funding to start a creative writing program. The program provided “a nice sense of culture and network in the community” as Liu described, and allowed this large community of working/middle class people of all racial/immigrant backgrounds to “find their voice.”  Programs of this kind are available in most libraries across the nation. If you want to support creative arts, this is a great way to do so.

Supporting your own cause or passion by simply using the library as a space. Raphael Cohen (poet/educator) also based out of Oakland, CA, spoke about how libraries are at times underutilized as a literary arts and performing arts space to host potential events. This is also true for educators, who can use the library as a place to “invoke a desire for learning” as Cohen describes his use of the library with his work on StreetSide Stories.

Libraries have been known as a “fundamental public good” — this is a tired but true thought. To elaborate on it, libraries can and will serve as the catalyst for empowering individuals (from all walks of life) in their communities. The examples above just skim the surface of what libraries can provide. Go to your local library, and see what is being created on a daily basis, it may be a surprisingly enlightening experience.

First Annual Bucket List

I always wanted to do a bucket list for the year, so here’s the first annual bucket list…

I will keep it manageable… 10 things I want to do before the year ends. December 31 or bust!

1. Lose at least 25 lbs. The more the better.

2. Visit a different museum every month, and then post pics on my blog.

3. Go to Canada. Montreal to be exact.

4. Ride a mechanical bull.

5. Try at least three different whiskeys that I’ve never had before.

6. Buy flowers more often for myself.

7. Learn how to say “I Love You” in 20 languages (I’m a dork, I know!)

8. Discover new music.

9. Have a picnic in the park.

10.  Eat a burger from the following places: Minetta Tavern and White Manna

bonus: take my learner’s permit test again…(it expired when I was 23) — baby steps to getting a license.


Happy New Year!

Damn, it’s almost been a year since I updated my blog.

I have no excuses. I didn’t even do a blog or two about conferences. That’s usually a staple.

But, I’m back. 🙂

The last post talked about travel. I didn’t really do much of it. I need some stamps for my passport.

My top ten list needs to be addressed. I’m definitely doing Montreal, Canada this year.

9 more to go!

More blogging and more traveling  — those are my publicized resolutions for 2013.

It is out in the universe, so it must be.

travel bug

So last year, my new year’s resolution was to get more culture in my life. I’m pretty satisfied with my results. I saw some plays (on and off Broadway), went to a few museum exhibitions and concerts, participated in live action theater, took salsa lessons and attempted to teach myself Spanish (I’m still working on that one!)  🙂

This year, besides being more fiscally responsible — I’m getting old, gotta think about that stuff. I want to travel more. 30 years old, and I NOW finally have a passport. It’s time to start collecting stamps. I figure if I actually put my top ten of places I want to go — I’ll start knocking them off. Here they are in no particular order — just off the top of my head.

1. Manila, Philippines

2. Havana, Cuba

3. Rome and Naples, Italy

4. Valletta, Malta

5. London, England

6. Dublin, Ireland

7. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

8. Cartagena, Colombia

9.  San Juan, Puerto Rico

10. Cairo, Egypt

Obligatory ALA Annual Post

What a totally different experience from my first conference in Chicago in 2009 — if you are curious to see that, check it out here.

Last year, when I went to ALA Annual in DC — I was only there overnight, and I felt guilty about not doing the programs, and just networking and researching. Once again, if interested, check out that post here.

But this year I realized it is the most important aspect of going to ALA — networking and finding people who have that same passion that you do. This has been said numerous times in numerous blogs, but I will say it again!

I was an ALA Emerging Leader this year. I must say that I was fortunate to have a worthwhile project to work on, and a great group of people to work with!

Team (N)asty

I ended up joining LLAMA and NMRT, and I have volunteered to work with both for next year’s conference and meetings. Yes, I am getting involved and stepping up, which is definitely because I was involved in Emerging Leaders. But the most important takeaway from the Emerging Leaders program, I now have a core group of friends within my profession, and that is more important than any program/session/workshop I attended. One of my team members, Lessa Pelaya Lozada summed up the Emerging Leaders experience pretty well — so I’ll link to her blog post here.

And, I attended quite a few programs, and yes, they were inspiring, especially ACRL’s President’s Program. The speaker, Jason Young, said one of the cheesiest phrases, but it fired me up, and I thought I want to BE that person. Ready for the quote, don’t say I didn’t warn you:

When you inspire someone, you literally breathe life into them

But, as fired up as I was about that session. I got more out of just chatting and sharing ideas over a really powerful daiquiri —

taken by @shinyinfo

Or mingling with one of my favorite vendors, Mango Languages (in the exhibit hall):

pimpin’ out mango mobile

Or even better over an infamous hurricane —

first hurricane of the night — in my hand

And, this leads me to my favorite lesson from housekeeping lady at my hotel:

girl, don’t you know if you have more than one hurricane, it’s gonna be trouble!

I don’t think I really need to add anything after that gem.. maybe a pic of my book swag. 🙂

ala book swag 🙂