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I’m a FarmVille Addict.

I have to confess to my FarmVille addiction, and no matter how busy I am, I always find time for this time sucking game. I always find the time to log into Facebook. Thank God, my Blackberry doesn't support the game, otherwise, I'd be in trouble. I figured if I came clean, it was the… Continue reading I’m a FarmVille Addict.

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I ♥ Dexter

If you have been paying attention to my Twitter or Facebook lately, you will know about my latest obsession: Dexter. Yes, I am fascinated by Dexter Morgan. Who is Dexter? He's a fictional serial killer, who only kills the bad guys. My favorite part of this series is Dexter's inner monologue. I just love the… Continue reading I ♥ Dexter

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Finding a Doctor via Facebook…

Here's the rant part of my lovely blog title. Doctors and their staff is the topic, and basically why I need a new doctor asap. Long story short, my doctor's office called me yesterday regarding my allergy medication because I needed a refill, and the prescription expired apparently. I didn't notice this, and off topic… Continue reading Finding a Doctor via Facebook…