This screenplay isn’t going to write itself…

I let it be known that one of my dreams is to win an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

Sure, it’s a long-shot. But, I have to actually write one before I knock my dreams. 😉

On Sunday, I went to see this wonderfully inspiring musical play, Neon Baby, at Pregones Theater, in the Boogie Down Bronx. I realized on the train ride home that I need to write. This was especially clear after I was retelling one of my stories to my friends and a random guy on the train started laughing from overhearing my story. It appears I have an audience.

Another source of inspiration besides that play, I’ve been watching Oprah’s Master Class. I’ve been gathering these quotes from each episode to motivate me. This week featured Lenny Kravitz. I may love him a little after seeing that episode.

And, this book has really made me realize that I can do it, lots of practical advice, highly recommend:



Bucket List Checkpoint!

It is already May 3rd. The first four months of 2013 went by entirely too fast!

I figured I’d do an update on my bucket list:

I completed one of my items… I have tried six new whiskeys, totally low balled on that! I’m just getting started.

Here’s a pic of three of them on Instagram.  — my favorite: Four Roses. It truly felt like it hugged my heart!

Ahead with my whiskey, but behind on the museums, I only went to two museums (EMP Museum and Museum of the American Gangster) — if I wrote a blog about them, it would have been titled Gangsters and Grunge.

Thanks to my weekly detox baths and streaming music from Pandora Radio, I discovered A Fine Frenzy. Another musical gem I discovered via a friend: Chelsea Wolfe. Definitely different styles, but both hauntingly beautiful in a way.

And, before May 19th (thanks Living Social) —

I will ride a mechanical bull at Johnny Utah’s. Coincidentally right before my birthday on May 20th… hopefully, I don’t hurt myself before my 32nd (eek!) birthday.

Stay tuned!


Remembering Michael Jackson 1958-2009

I had another blog post all set up,  and I’ll still post it  later. But, first, I needed to pay respect to Michael Jackson. Say what you want about Michael Jackson, but respect him and his family, compassion is something that isn’t expressed enough in our society. I never believed the allegations, and I have always been inspired and will continue to be inspired by his incredible talent and compassion for others. The impact of Michael Jackson’s life shows as his death nearly shut down the Internet. My sister and I never had the chance to see him live in concert, we were hoping for that chance. Those that know my sister, know that she’s a huge fan, she used to carry a picture of Michael Jackson around the neighborhood,  unfortunately we have no clue where that picture is… I’m on the search for it, and I will post it when found.

You will be missed MJ, but never forgotten. Justin Timberlake’s statement sums it up perfectly: JT’s response

Here are four of my favorites, the list goes though, take a moment if you will: