Where did the year go?

I don’t know if it’s the whole getting older thing — but I feel like I blinked and 2014 is coming to an end in a few hours.

I started doing a yearly bucket list in 2013, and I must admit I didn’t do as well in 2014. I feel like I did better than what I expected, lots of firsts and travel.

1.    Complete my 10K run in an hour.

Well, my 10K was cancelled, But, that didn’t stop me — I participated in Neon Run 5K  and my first Mudderella run — definitely wasnt prepared for it. I am looking forward to doing it again next year! 


2.    Go to a cigar bar.

For some reason this never happened. I did go to a Pisco Bar. Yum, pisco. 


3.    Visit the Empire State Building.

Yup, it did not happen. I need to be a tourist in my own hometown. I went to see my first soccer (oops, I mean futbol) game (Brasil vs Ecuador) at MetLife Stadium, and I may or may not have bought a team t-shirt. bonus: my World Cup Eye Candy post here 


4.    Ride a bike over the Cooper River Bridge in Charleston, SC

I did go to Charleston (loved it!), but I didn’t ride my bike over the bridge. I did take a selfie in a cotton field though. 


5.    See the Grand Canyon.

Didn’t see the Grand Canyon. But, I did see the Hoover Dam, and survived Vegas in June. 


6.    Submit a research grant proposal.

Grant in progress. I am half way done. That counts right?  bonus photo, because it’s funny — my sister and I went on this rollercoaster in Hershey Park. Her face is priceless!


7.    Complete a class on Coursera.

I started one, and never finished it. I guess I was too preoccupied. I enrolled in Espanol classes finally.  I’m once step closer to reading Marquez in Spanish. 

 8.    Have afternoon tea.

Yes! I went for my birthday this year @ Alice’s Tea Cup. Great fun with my nearest and dearest 🙂 


9.    Read the Bible. The whole thing, not just certain sections.

Another failed attempt. A lot harder to get through than I expected. I did deepen my relationship with God in other ways. I also purified my sins at the Totumo Mud Volcano in Colombia 


10.    Use my passport.

Finally! Colombia — my first time in South America, and certainly not my last. And I will add stamps every year, that’s my plan. 


Cheers to 2015!! Stay tuned 🙂



Happy New Year!

Damn, it’s almost been a year since I updated my blog.

I have no excuses. I didn’t even do a blog or two about conferences. That’s usually a staple.

But, I’m back. 🙂

The last post talked about travel. I didn’t really do much of it. I need some stamps for my passport.

My top ten list needs to be addressed. I’m definitely doing Montreal, Canada this year.

9 more to go!

More blogging and more traveling  — those are my publicized resolutions for 2013.

It is out in the universe, so it must be.

Countdown to Visit Malta

Some may or may not know, but I’m Maltese. Most assume that my last name is Italian. And, while I am Italian. It’s not from my father’s side. My dad was born in Malta (Birzebbuga to be exact). He came to this country when he was only 10 months old.

Why is this important? Well, I read this article few days ago: Medieval makes way for modern in Valletta, Malta

It got me thinking… I’ve never been to Malta. I always say that I want to go… I look up plane tickets, hotels, etc… but I never follow through. It’s always just a good idea. I need to make it happen, and now I want to make it happen before 2012. Why 2012? No, it’s not because the world is supposedly going to end. But, this is when this modern makeover of the historic entrance in Valletta, Malta will be completed. I’d like to see the historic entrance before it gets modernized.

Let the countdown begin… Malta in 2011?

Library Appreciation Time

It’s been a while since I wrote about anything library-related. And, then I stumbled upon this site:


I don’t even remember how I found it. It’s a bit dated, from September 2007. But, still, it inspired me to want to visit all of the libraries featured. It’s a travelogue of sorts, visiting and photographs from different libraries across the country and the world. I have this desire to go cross-country and visit all of the baseball stadiums, and then I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to do this with libraries as well,” of course my little voice inside my head, said oh yea! and now, I’ll have to add it to the t0-do list.

And while you are reading, if there are any libraries that aren’t mentioned, comment below. I’m serious about trying to do this!