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I’m a FarmVille Addict.

I have to confess to my FarmVille addiction, and no matter how busy I am, I always find time for this time sucking game. I always find the time to log into Facebook. Thank God, my Blackberry doesn't support the game, otherwise, I'd be in trouble. I figured if I came clean, it was the… Continue reading I’m a FarmVille Addict.


I’m thankful for…

It's that time of year: Thanksgiving. Like most, my family has the tradition of saying what we are  thankful for, and this year I decided to make a list, because lists are fun, and I've seen a few people do it already, I'm being a copycat 😉 Soo, with that, I'm thankful for... My family,… Continue reading I’m thankful for…

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This blog post is brought to you by Louie’s Xbox 360

To update a little, Louie and I moved into together, it's been about two weeks. I'm still upset that the first thing I watched in my new apartment was the Yankees winning the World Series. Louie thinks it's a good sign, I think otherwise, if you couldn't tell. As I settle in, I am growing… Continue reading This blog post is brought to you by Louie’s Xbox 360