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Second Annual Bucket List :)

Last year, I decided to post a bucket list of sorts… (not my bucket list for life, but for the year)

I had fun putting it together. So, I figured I’d do it again for 2014.

I’m not going to recycle any items (I’ll eventually go on a picnic!) , I’m just going to start fresh… so here it is:

1.    Complete my 10K run in an hour.

2.    Go to a cigar bar.

3.    Visit the Empire State Building.

4.    Ride a bike over the Cooper River Bridge in Charleston, SC

5.    See the Grand Canyon.

6.    Submit a research grant proposal.

7.    Complete a class on Coursera.

8.    Have afternoon tea.

9.    Read the Bible. The whole thing, not just certain sections.

10.    Use my passport.

I’ll naturally keep you all posted 🙂


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